Welcome to the personal website of Mr. Sajjad Eskandari. This site is purely for introducing Mr. Eskandari and his works. I hope i can do your wishes With my knowledge.
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What I Do

In fact, my main specialty is programming And I am working with PHP programming language. I think CMS made our job easier. I'm trying to develop a wordPress CMS by plugins.


Who I Am

Sajjad Eskandari, who was born on February 1991 in Tabriz. He began his high school education in their specialty, And began studying the software. He entered college to pursue a degree in software. And its major successes achieved in the field of programming. He became increasingly interested in his programming. He continued his education at the University of Tabriz in telecommunications, information security trends had begun.


My Work

You can see my works in here. to see more works click on the more button.

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